Alec M. Smith

Brother James Miller
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Brother James Alfred Miller, FSC, was killed in Huehuetenango, Guatemala in 1982. This bust was commissioned by St. Mary's University of Minnesota to commemorate Br. Miller’s life and work.

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Br. Miller was making repairs to a wall at the local school in Huehuetenango when 3 armed men gunned him down and fled.

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In this bust, I worked to explore the psychological implications of what it means to give the ultimate sacrifice for something you believe in. His gaze avoids direct interaction with the viewer, subtly expressing the barrier between the nature of his transformative representation, and reality for the rest of us.

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Br. Miller was a St. Mary’s alumna who later traveled to Central America to work with the indigenous Mayan community.


The Lasallian Christian Brotherhood is an order of Christian teachers that dedicate themselves to providing a sound education to children around the globe.



Etched into the stone benches are Br. Miller’s birthdate in roman numerals and the date of his death in Mayan glyphs.




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